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Ride With Us!

Welcome to Western Cycle Rides, where the love for cycling meets the fun of group rides in Regina and its surrounding areas!

At Western Cycle Rides, we're not just a cycling club; we're a community of riders passionate about exploring the great outdoors on two wheels. Whether you're a seasoned gravel grinder, a mountain biking enthusiast, just getting started in all this, or looking for family-friendly adventures, we have something for you.

Our weekly rides cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders. We believe in the joy of the ride and the camaraderie that comes with it. In the winter months, when the snow blankets the ground, we don't hibernate - we embrace the cold with our Fatbike Rides, carving our way through the winter wonderland.

More than just a cycling club, we're a social hub where friendships are forged and memories are made. Our environment is inclusive, non-competitive, and above all, fun. Whether you're tackling challenging trails or enjoying a leisurely ride with your family, you'll always find a warm welcome and a supportive community at Western Cycle Rides.

Join us for an adventure-filled journey through the picturesque landscapes of Regina and beyond. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping thrills or peaceful moments in nature, we invite you to pedal with us and experience the magic of cycling together.

Our aim is to encourage as many riders as possible to find more ways to explore and enjoy cycling, and in that spirit we have no fees, but we do ask a few things to make sure that everyone is safe and welcome on our rides. 

  1. Wear your helmet when riding your bike.
  2. When riding on road ways, a rear light is required. A front light is recommended.
  3. Sign our liability waiver.
  4. Keep the necessary items with you for light mechanical repairs. ( Spare Tube, Plug Kit, Mini Pump, Tire Levers, Multi-Tool, etc.)
  5. Our rides are inclusive and safe spaces for all. Treat other riders accordingly.

Sign Our Waiver

Mountain Bike

Join us every Tuesday evening and every other Sunday morning at Wascana Trails for some heart-pumping MTB action. 

Our rides cater to all skill levels, from beginners looking to hone their skills to experienced riders seeking new challenges. With a variety of trails to explore, you'll never have a dull moment as you navigate through rugged terrain and take in the natural beauty around you. 

New to the sport? Want a little refresher before hitting the trails? To start the season this year, Bert will be hosting a 4 week "Learn to MTB" series at Douglas Park. 

Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with adrenaline, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of mountain biking.


Take a ride with us through the picturesque countryside every Monday evening. Explore the area's vast network of scenic gravel roads, where the beauty of nature unfolds at every turn.

Join us as we pedal through river valleys, seas of golden wheat, and charming rural landscapes, immersing ourselves in the tranquility of the countryside while enjoying the camaraderie of the group. 

Our gravel rides cater to all levels of rider, offering two distinct groups with different total distances and paces. Whether you're seeking a leisurely exploration or a more challenging outing, there's a perfect route for you. 

Taco Ride

Join us every other Wednesday for our beloved Family-Friendly Taco Ride, a social and casual lap around Wascana Lake that promises fun for riders of all ages! 

We'll make a pit stop at the ice cream truck to indulge in some sweet treats, say hello to the goats when they are in town grazing on Douglas Park Hill, and showcase our cycling prowess at "Trick Alley"!

After working up an appetite, we'll conclude our excursion at Bar Willow, where mouthwatering tacos, refreshing drinks, and lively camaraderie await. It's the perfect blend of family-friendly fun and mid-week Tacos, creating cherished memories with every pedal stroke.

Our Favorite Routes

Can't wait for the next group ride? Click the link below to find our curated list of the best routes in the area.

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Want up to the minute details of everything we have going on? Follow the link below and join our Facebook Group Page! 

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Special Events

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a novice enthusiast, these events provide camaraderie, adventure, and a chance to explore the beauty of Saskatchewan.

The Gravelista

In Support of SickKids Canada

The Gravelista Series embodies the spirit of adventure and philanthropy on two wheels, offering cyclists a trio of bike events within the Great Cycle Challenge (GCC) framework, all aimed at supporting the noble cause of the SickKids foundation in Canada. 

Conceived by our ride ambassador, Michelle Dominey, in 2023, the Gravelista Series offers two gravel rides each with two distance options, and one family-friendly Wascana Park ride. Riders can expect beautiful scenery, great company, and great memories, all while making a tangible difference in children's healthcare. 

At Western Cycle, our commitment to the GCC runs deep, with our team members actively participating in the challenge for years. Embracing the ethos of community and compassion, we proudly adopted the Gravelista as an Official WCR ride series this year, further amplifying our dedication to pedal for a purpose and champion the health and well-being of future generations.

Register Here!

There and back Again.

A Bikepacking Adventure.

We're gearing up for an exciting bikepacking adventure in September! 

While the date and route are still up in the air, we're planning an out-and-back journey, with a memorable overnight camping experience at one of the area's picturesque parks. 

This new venture has us bubbling with excitement, and we can't wait to share more details as our plans solidify. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on what promises to be an unforgettable trip!

The SAnta Ride

Each December, the spirit of giving takes to the snowy trails of Wascana Park as riders don their festive attire for the annual Santa Ride. This cherished fat-bike event not only celebrates the joy of the season but also serves as a beacon of support for the Regina Foodbank and Carmichael Outreach. 

Amidst the winter wonderland, participants pedal through the park's scenic paths, spreading goodwill with each turn of the wheel. Post-ride, laughter and camaraderie fill the air as riders gather to share sausages, holiday cheer, and good company. 

Yet, the true heart of the Santa Ride lies in its charitable mission. Every rider contributes to the cause by bringing donations of food or warm clothing, ensuring that the spirit of giving extends far beyond the ride itself. 

With each donation, we strive to bring warmth and happiness to those in need, illuminating our community with the light of compassion and generosity.

Our Ride Ambassadors

None of these events happen without the time, energy, and dedication of our volunteer ride ambassadors. Some of our ambassadors are bike shop employees, some previously were employees, and some are customers who have become part of the Western Cycle family. Read on to meet your ride's hosts below.

Bert Seidel

 Bert is our Sales Manager and has been with Western Cycle for over a decade. Bert is not only the leader of the Tuesday night MTB ride and Wednesday night Taco ride, but also makes sure that this Western Cycle Rides thing happens year after year. You can expect good times, lots of laughs, dad jokes, bike trivia, and so much more when out on any one if his rides.

Stephanie Bank

Stephanie, a Western Cycle Ride Ambassador for 6 years, hosts the Monday evening gravel rides. Steph has a knack for choosing routes that both showcase the beauty that surrounds our city, and can be enjoyed by riders of all levels. It's no wonder that the Monday-nighter is our most well-attended ride. 

Michelle Dominey

Michelle is in her fourth year as a Western Cycle Ride Ambassador. Michelle leads our bi-weekly Sunday MTB ride and the joins Bert for the Tuesday night ride whenever possible. An avid mountain biker, gravel rider, and Taco-Rider, you can expect to see Michelle at many a WCR group ride.

Lou Lee Pitzel

Lou Lee has been a Western Cycle Ride Ambassador for three years. Lou Lee is an avid cyclist and cycle tourist, and loves to explore the road less travelled on her bicycle. She has filled the role as Stephanie's second on the Monday night gravel ride, and will be leading the Relaxed group on the gravel this season.

Louis Schwindt

Louis is a member of the team here at Western Cycle, and has been for 10 years. He lead the Regina Multisport Club's Thursday night road ride with Tara, the two of them deciding to step back from that role after 10 years of service. Although he is not heading up a ride of his own this season, expect to find Louis helping out on Monday nights and causing trouble at the Taco Ride.

Tara Gillies

Tara is a former bike shop staffer, and lead the Western Cycle sponsored RMC Thursday night ride with Louis for 10 years before taking a step back after finishing last Autumn. Much like Louis, you can look forward to seeing Tara out on our group rides in a supporting role, or just for the fun of it.

curt talbot

Curt has been a regular at all of our group rides for a number of years, joined us for special events, and has helped out informally on the gravel ride on numerous occasions. We are happy to welcome him on as an official ride ambassador this season, and look forward to great rides, conversation, and interesting facts about the beautiful prairie that surround our rides.


Timothy has been part of the Western Cycle team for three years, and this will be his third season as a Ride Ambassador. While not officially leading any rides this season, you can expect to see Tim with camera-in-hand at most of our rides and events, both as a secondary ride leader and in his role as Western Cycle's social media point-man.

Our Local Partners

Regina has a wonderfully diverse cycling community, and a great group of cycling clubs to go along with it. If you're looking for some competition, a cycling discipline that we don't offer, or you just want even more opportunities and friends to ride with, you should check them out. Chances are you'll run into one or more of us there, too.


For more than 50 years, RCC has been riding and racing in the Regina area. They are a welcoming club and are always looking for new riders.

The club has 3 main focuses: road, gravel, and cyclocross.

Learn More.


Mountain Bike Racing Club

ORS is a mountain bike club that creates community for riding bikes off road, pushing our limits, and helping develop the athlete in all of us.

 For people like you!

Learn More


The Regina Multisport Club (RMC) is a non-profit organization led by volunteers that welcomes all new, novice and experienced triathletes to join us. Joining the RMC is a great way to meet other triathletes, train with like-minded people, challenge yourself personally and celebrate your accomplishments in a supportive and social environment

Learn More.



Bike Regina is a small advocacy group with big ideas about supporting and increasing the cycling culture in Regina..


To make cycling to work and school safe, convenient and fun for people of all ages and abilities in Regina. Through partnerships, outreach and events we will advocate for a better cycling environment that promotes safety, physical activity, health, equity, and environmental sustainability.

Learn More


13th Ave. BMX Club is a Nonprofit organization run by a great group of volunteers that offers families a safe place to ride and race BMX in Regina.

BMX Racing promotes physical fitness, responsibility, character and camaraderie. It’s a great activity that the whole family can participate in and enjoy.

Their goal is build a multigenerational club to ensure this great sport continues to grow for years to come.

Learn More.


Founded in 1983, the Freewheelers are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying cycling in Regina Saskatchewan and beyond. They welcome all levels of riders and offer a season packed with group rides including Wednesday night recreational rides around Regina, weekend rides that explore areas beyond the city, fast and fun fitness rides, themed rides, bicycle touring trips, and long weekend camping trips.

Learn More.


The Moose Jaw Pavers Cycling Club is a club with a desire to include all forms of cycling. We offer road, mountain, and cruiser rides throughout Moose Jaw and area.  This year they will be enticing cyclists of all kinds to come out and enjoy the fresh air and social aspects of cycling.

Learn More

Fresh Trails MTB

Saskatchewan's premiere mountain bike coaching service, and it's right here in Regina!

WHAT to Expect

These are all about you. Taking into account you riding goals and evaluating your current abilities we focus the skills session to build on your foundation to build your progression quickly.


BUFFALO POUND Provincial Park and WASCANA TRAILS Recreation Area are most common. 

Both are great for all skill levels.

Learn More