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Store History

Western Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd., 1912-1916

In 1912, Western Cycle & Motor Co. was established in Regina on 11th ave, close to Broad St.  It is one of Regina’s oldest businesses, and has always been locally owned.  In 1916 the store moved location to Hamilton St. just in north of the old city hall. Many, many years later, in 1972 it moved once again to 1745 Hamilton St.


Western Cycle & Sporting Goods Co. Ltd., 2003-Present

Even after several expansions on Hamilton St, the business eventually outgrew its downtown location.  Western moved in August 2003 to the present location at 1550 8th Ave.

  In 1972, Brian Stennes and several other investors purchased the business.  Only 2 years later, Western Cycle joined a dealer-owned buying co-op and the store was later renamed Western Cycle Source for Sports.

  Western Cycle Source for Sports is still family owned and operated.  Brian's son Dane Stennes and son-in-law John Carmichael are partners and occupy key management positions in the business.  Currently, the business occupies a building of 20,000 sq. ft. with over 11,000 sq. ft. of retail area. The main floor is devoted to team sports: mainly hockey, baseball/softball, lacrosse, and ringette.  The entire second floor houses the largest bicycle showroom in the province and a fully equipped service shop.

  The shop has been written up in Pedal Magazine as the second oldest continuously operating bicycle retailer in Canada. The year 2012 marks our one hundredth anniversary!