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A collage of Western Cycles Rides photos

We’re gearing up for another great season at the shop with our cycling club, Western Cycle Rides. All of your favorite parts about our club are returning for 2023. There are however a few changes this year, which we believe are for the better.

  • Stephanie Bank is returning as the host of our Monday evening gravel rides. Lou Lee Pitzel is returning to co-host. Expect to find some guests leading the early rides this spring, and count on seeing other WCR ambassador's faces as well. The ride will explore some of the areas less traveled roads, past golden fields, and into picturesque sunsets. The gravel ride is usually between 25-30 km. Riders of all skill levels are welcome. This is a no-drop ride.

  • Mountain bike rides will once again be hosted by Bert Seidel and Michelle Dominey. Bert will lead Tuesday evenings at Wascana Trails. Michelle will lead rides on weekend mornings, either Saturday or Sunday, at Wascana Trails, or Buffalo Pound. These rides are a great way to explore some local trails, make new friends, and get a little better at mountain biking. Riders of all skill levels are welcome.

  • The Taco Tuesday Ride will be returning with two significant changes. The first change, it will now be the Wednesday Night Taco Ride. Secondly, we will be offering the ride two Wednesdays a month! What stays the same? We’ll depart from the Bar Willow Parking lot, and take an easy, social lap around Wascana Lake. There’s always a stop for ice cream, and after the ride, we'll hit Bar Willow’s patio overlooking the lake for snacks and refreshments. Tacos are not required, but highly recommended.


  • On Thursday evenings, Tara Gillies and Louis Schwindt lead a road ride for the Regina Multisport Club. This ride is not technically a Western Cycle Rides club ride, but we love it like it’s one of our own. Tara is a former Western Cycle staffer and is still like family, and Lou, although he regularly threatens retirement, remains a part of the team. This is a somewhat faster ride than the others listed here, but not a race. To participate, riders must have both a Regina Multisport Club membership, as well as a STAC membership.

Western Cycle Rides membership is completely free, members will simply be required to sign a once-yearly waiver before participating in a ride. Riders should ensure that their bike is in good working condition, and wear a helmet while on the ride. Riders should have the necessary materials to address minor mechanical issues, if needed ride ambassadors will be there to assist. If the ride you are participating in will be on public roads, at minimum a rear flashing light is required. While not a must, a flashing front light is highly recommended.

We will now be using the Link My Ride app to post our upcoming rides. It is a simple, easy-to-use app that connects you to all of our rides. It will have detailed maps, start times, and the ability to RSVP. Connect with other local clubs, and tons of local cyclists, and never miss a ride again. Look for Link My Ride in Google Play or the App Store. Or click the link below to learn more and download the app.

We’re all very excited to get things going here and get out on some rides with all of you. But this latest dump of snow will only push things back further. As such, we do not have any official dates selected for the first rides just yet.  We will be watching the forecast intently, and should have some dates picked shortly. Keep your eyes peeled in the Link My Ride app, and follow our social media platforms for all of the news and details.

2023 Ride Schedule

  • Monday nights - Gravel Ride
  • Tuesday nights - Mountain Bike Ride - Some Saturdays and Sundays as well!
  • Wednesday nights - Taco Ride at Wascana - Twice Monthly
  • Thursday nights - Intermediate Pace Road Ride - Hosted by Tara and Lou, (Regina Multisport Club ride, Hosted by Tara and Lou -requires RMS and STAC Membership)

For even more details and stay up to date with ride details, join our Facebook Group.