Bronze Service


This service will fully adjust the brakes and gears of your bike, as well as tighten and check all the nuts and bolts. This is the best option for you if you do most of the cleaning and lubricating yourself in-between rides, and the bike is in pretty decent working order.

Light Frame Wash

Gear Adjustments

Brake Adjustments

Bearing Adjustments

Safety Torque Check

Final Set Up

Silver Service


Do you see more greasy black gunk than shiny metal when you look at your drive-train? Would you like your bike to shine like new? This is the comprehensive service we recommend if you want the peace of mind that your ride is in optimum working order.

Bronze Service, PLUS: 

Full Bike Wash using our Parts Washer

Advanced Wheel Alignment

Frame Polish

Gold Service


Tear it down and built it up. Your ride deserves this service every 1-2 seasons of regular riding. Our technicians will dissemble your bike down to the last bolt and built it up again. Worn out parts are replaced and will breathe new life into your bike.
*Pricing depends on bike type

Complete Tear Down

Hub Overhaul

Cable Replacements

Hydraulic Bleed

Pivot Overhaul (Full Squish)

Suspension Service