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Bike Fitting

In effort to minimize prolonged in-person contact, we have suspended our in-depth fitting services until further notice. Please contact us for questions and comments regarding bike fitting.


Trek Digital Fit Station

This tool is used to discover the recommended bike size and seat height based on your height and anatomical in-seam. It also has an interactive Bike Finder tool, that will recommend bike models once you answer the on-screen questions. Finally, you can use it to browse to look at anything we may not have in stock.  Free to use, anytime!


GURU Fit System

THE GURU FIT SYSTEM enables cyclists of all ages and experience levels to find the perfect bike and riding position to match their personal preferences.

As professional bike fitters, our commitment is to address each person with an open ear and heart to determine their personal fit needs.


We use the F.I.S.T. protocol as our bike fitting methodology. Bike fitting pioneer Dan Empfield created this widely accepted method and is a benchmark around the world and we are a certified location.

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Find your perfect fit while the computerized Dynamic Fit Unit moves the seat and handlebars as little as 1mm at a time while the rider cycles, operated by our fit technician. 

Our focus is matching individuals' bodies to their bikes, in the most effective balance between comfort and performance. We recognize that everyone varies in their flexibility levels, physical limitations, history of injuries, and riding focus.

Level 1 Fit


Looking for a new bike but not sure what fits best?  Let us help choose the model and size that suits you best, then dial in your new bike to the millimeter.

Level 2 Optimization Fit


Utilizing the F.I.S.T. protocol, this is a more in-depth fitting and is recommended if you need to be fitted to an existing bike or simply want the best fit possible.

Level 2 Optimization Triathlon Fit


The added complexity of an aerodynamic triathlon bike requires a great level of detail and time to set you up properly.